Reach 360

Reach 360 is our holistic approach to renew,
empower and unleash your full ministry potential

In A Nutshell


360 Assessment, Understanding Vision


Individualized Non-profit strategy


Team Development & Coaching


Mission, Vision Workshop



The Challenge At Hand

The problem many organizations face is misalignment, which leads to friction and inefficiencies. Without a structured way to handle issues and a lack of team meetings, problems can go unresolved and hinder progress.

Additionally, without a solid plan in place, it’s difficult to know where your organization is headed and how to get there.

The Process

Our Reach360 Process consists of several key steps that will transform your organization:

It all starts with a Kickoff Meeting where we delve into your organization’s requirements and introduce the Reach360 tool. Following that, we engage in a Story Workshop session to craft a comprehensive blueprint that outlines your organization’s mission and growth strategy. The crucial Strategic Planning phase tackles challenges, aligns your team, and establishes objectives. Lastly, the Quarterly Metrics Review ensures your organization stays on course, fostering team well-being, resolving issues, and delivering valuable resources for accountability and progress. Our commitment includes offering free websites for nonprofits, providing you with essential tools without additional financial strain.

Free Kickoff Meeting

Story Workshop

Strategic Planning

Quarterly Metrics Review

Why Reach 360?

Unlock Your Growth Potential

At Good & Growing, our unwavering dedication lies in fostering the growth and prosperity of businesses. To achieve this, we provide a holistic solution through our comprehensive Reach 360 Implementation Process. By joining forces with us, you gain access to a seamless integration process, enabling you to establish an efficient operating system that caters to your company’s unique requirements.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Tailoring Solutions Exclusively to You

With our tailored approach, you can operate your business with clarity and purpose. Say goodbye to random decision-making and welcome a structured framework that empowers you to make informed choices. Our team’s expertise and guidance will pave the way for your organization to thrive and reach its full potential, positioning you for long-term success in today’s ever-evolving business and organizational landscape.

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