Good & Growing strengthens nonprofits by expanding their influence. Our guide, ‘5 Essential Tips for Amplifying Your Donor Engagement,’ helps you connect deeply with donors through bold storytelling and strategic engagement. This resource is crafted to enhance your donor relations and turn every interaction into meaningful support for your mission.

Why Our Donor Engagement Guide?

  • Courageous Communication

    Embrace the power of direct requests to boldly engage potential supporters, ensuring your cause is heard and felt.

  • Story-Driven Support Content

    Learn to narrate the compelling stories behind each donation, personalizing the impact and connecting deeper with your donors.

  • Actionable Insights

    Utilize practical, tested strategies for turning passion into tangible support and transforming visions into victories.

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Incredible Results

"I can't find the words to say how much the team at Figmints and Good & Growing have so meaningfully supported my work over and over again. I've sent many friends and colleagues their way because I know the integrity and excellence that underlies their work. I couldn't do my work without their work--a beautiful and generative partnership."

Pastor Amy Butler

Community Church of Honolulu

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Disclaimer: We understand the dynamic nature of nonprofit marketing. This guide is designed for adaptability to changing needs and goals.